Vintage silk scarf by HERMES 'Les voitures a transformation'
Description :

Beautiful,rare, vintage, "Le carré de Hermes", collectors item, designer scarf, by HERMES.

First issue 1965 "les voitures a transformation" by Francois de la Perriere.

This issue is before the later introduced "c" or © trademark of HERMES.

HERMES did'nt use copyright symbols until the late  60s and even then inconsistantly until the 80s.

From that time on the copyright changed from a "c" or © to HERMES-Paris © and finally to the copyright we nowadays know as  © HERMES.

So it is not unusual to find a vintage design without copyright  symbol and subsequent re-issues with, two or three different, copyrights marks based in the re-issued date.

The scarf comes with Knotting Cards box with 21 cards (2013)

Material; 100 % silk twill


colour : multicoloured
condition : Mint

90 X 90 cm, 35,4 X 35,4 inch.

All our hand picked and designer hand picked items are unique and cleaned professionally. However cleaned, there can be slight discoloration and wear and tear of the previous owner, visible. This is all part of the character of a vintage piece and adds to the charm of it. The French word “VINTAGE” is used in the wine industry and means; “matured through the years”.