Vintage Cazal mod. 193
Description :

Stunning Vintage Cazal mod. 193 sunglasses designed by Cari Zalloni

Used frame with new Zeiss lenses

Made in Germany . No original case.

This is a late 1980′s original product. NO retro sunglasses!


LENSE WIDTH: 2.4 inch (6 cm) LENSE HEIGHT: 2 inch (5 cm) INSIDE HINGE TO HINGE: 5.9 inch (15 cm) ARM FROM HINGE TO EAR BEND: 5.12 inch (13 cm)

L.I.O.N.E. (pronounced ellio-enné) All garments are unique. Made with love and attention. Sizing color and customization will vary from garment to garment as these pieces are all made with rest/recycled materials. This is all part of the philosophy and design.