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Lione Giessen is a fashion designer educated at the Academy of Art in Rotterdam, now known as “Willem de Kooning Academy of Art”. 
Born in Kindersley, Canada, in 1959 and raised in the Netherlands, I started my career as soon as I was able to hold scissors, pencils, needles, etc. 
As a young girl I always felt the urge to create, by making drawings, playing with fabrics, shaping, styling, re-styling and recycling old garments and simply through a lack of knowledge creating new ones . Upon graduation from the Academy of Art in 1983, two of my friends and I, started our own styling agency : “KOMPLOT” (Conspiracy), which was enhanced and very successful. 
In spite of our idealism and as is wanton to happen with many starting labels, we were crushed by commerce and self-seekers mentality . 
In the end we eventually decided to follow our own separate path’s . 
With my built up dislike of mass production , mass consumption and the large scale approach in general , all common elements in the fashion industry,   I began to promote my preference for the small scale approach (One piece only) and use of recycling. I also found inspiration in working with other artists, often of differing disciplines , and since then I have been responsible for designing, styling and making the costumes for numerous art-, music- and dance performances. 
My love for fashion never died however , and found new form  through recycling , the revalidation and giving new purpose to cast away’s.